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Within one week of having my first sales funnel in place, someone recommended me to a fellow entrepreneur. She clicked right through the funnel, and my brand new system brought success! One client alone has now paid for ALL of Julie’s expert advice and coaching. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

-Judy O.

I hired Julie back in the winter when my list was at 0. The Facebook Ads she ran for me had results right away! My list reached 100 in under a month, and I had discovery calls lined up right away! The copy she wrote was en pointe and spoke to my audience perfectly!

-Madelaine C.

I struggled for years trying to create my own Facebook ads and opt ins, with very little success, and lots of disappointment and hours of frustration. Julie and I started working together just a few weeks ago and the campaign she helped me with is converting in the double digits every day. Julie knows her stuff and is a dream to work with. I'm so grateful!

-Clara W.

You are my hero. The depth of knowledge, real talk and content you provide is better than anything else out there!

I can’t believe you are only charging ~$30 for a monthly subscription to your DIY Genesis Course.
I’m half way through and just can’t believe the value I am getting. It is probably the best spent thirty dollars of my LIFE!

I so appreciate everything you do and am a customer hanging on your every word. I am eager to learn and buy more from you!

-Amanda W.

Working with Julie, I now understand online business way more than I ever did before. I’ve been able to implement strategies that really work and it has made me money.

She exceeded my expectations…great in every way. Julie really delivers.

Julie will spoil you with her attentiveness and skills. She’ll be the benchmark by which you compare everyone else to.

-Maria C.

Julie’s program has been life changing to say the least. Not only has it grown my business and skills, but the confidence and happiness I have now has carried over into my personal life. Simply put, if you need help… she’s the one with all the answers. You’ll get what you expect times 100.

-April P.


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