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Funnel-icious Challenge

Build a Complete Evergreen Sales Funnel

Turn Integration Frustration into Sweet Bliss...

With This Summer’s Brand New Step-by-Step Course That Gets You Your Own Fully-Loaded Sales Funnel by the End of August …

How Would Your Business Be Different …

if you could take just one thing you do or sell and turn it into a lead-generating money-making machine …

… A fully loaded sales funnel

… One that pulls your list numbers wayyy up and leads your ideal client right to your big-ticket signature offer

… an EVERGREEN money-making machine that automatically generates new business and leads while you start your next project or take that trip you’ve been thinking about.

Now that would be a difference worth seeing.

Because a sales funnel is what collects cold prospects from all over the online world and brings your ideal client closer and closer in a beautiful, trackable progression.

Maybe your own funnels haven’t converted as well as you hoped because:

  • You needed a bigger - or better - audience for your offer
  • Your list didn’t click
  • You didn’t have a magnetic opt-in
  • You’re missing one essential ingredient that leads to big-ticket sales
  • Um, You don’t have any idea why they haven’t converted
  • You haven’t gotten around to building one yet.

Or maybe you’re tired of wasting hours and hours of valuable time because of something like this:

  • You don’t know which is best for your business: Convertkit, Stripe, DPD, Mailchimp, LeadPages, PayPal, Acuity, 17 Hats, AWeber … and the list goes on ...
  • You’ve got all the digital products but don’t how how to get the freakin integration to work
  • You don’t even know which ones to integrate
  • What’s integration?

Or just maybe ….

Every time you use a new product you have to figure out how to connect it to three other products .. and then you have to choose one out of a bazillion options and they all look pretty much the same and then you realize your email list has started spamming people, you still need to create your sales copy, and you haven’t had anything to eat today ….

OK - Calm down a minute.

We’re going to tackle ALL of these things. But we’re going to drip it out - slowly - like the ice-cream at the bottom of your waffle cone - okay, maybe more like the cool drip of dew from a banana leaf hanging over a lagoon.

Introducing Funnel-icious

A new online incremental course for the DIY entrepreneur who wants all the benefits of
winning sales funnels at a fraction of the price my 1:1 clients pay.

If you can handle your basic blog, you can do this. Hang tight with us this summer. We’ll all take it step by step while I build a couple of sales funnels in real time.

And, oh yeah, everybody’s gonna do it. By August, you will have the goods to get your best prospects from zero to your biggest, baddest offer ...

And it will be seamless. We do it in a way that makes them want to say:

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” and “Give Me More!”

This completely hands-on course will begin on June 1st, and be what I call a Sales Funnelicious Summer.

We're going to build sales funnels...from scratch.

That's right...from blog post to opt-in to offers.

It's going to be a dripped course, that goes step-by-step --- in tiny small increments.

Yep, it'll take the whole summer....

But you'll have a fully functioning sales funnel at the end of it.

How does that sound?

In Just One Summer You’ll Learn:

  • The four key components of a sales funnel
  • How to break up your main offer to create tasters and mini-offers … so you can create the trust and value you need to sell your signature offer.
  • How to design the graphics you need ... step by step.
  • How to write copy that sells … so your profits will grow.
  • How to set up payment for every part of each offer … because cash flows faster when it’s easy to buy from you!
  • How to create sales pages, emails, and thank you pages that build trust … and create relationships that can last so much longer than a summer romance.
  • All about ads - how Facebook really works … and you can use what you learn to create unlimited ads for everything else you offer.
  • All about pixels … the secret to finding out what really motivates your prospects and how they respond to what you do.
  • Testing … so you can see what’s working and do more of it to grow your profits!

How it works:

  • I’ll release a new course module every Wednesday and include the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW of each step.
  • You’ll have detailed step-by-step instructions - expert guidance to help you understand and take action at every stage of your build.
  • You’ll have the ability to comment and ask questions on the modules so you can make this work without getting stuck in the details.

If you follow exactly what I'm doing - since I am building out funnels live this summer for REAL people with REAL businesses... (NOT just Business 2 Business but Business 2 Customer as well), you'll have a fully functioning sales funnel that others pay a lot of money for.

Within one week of having my first sales funnel in place, someone recommended me to a fellow entrepreneur. She clicked right through the funnel, and my brand new system brought success! One client alone has now paid for ALL of Julie’s expert advice and coaching. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

-Judy O.

I hired Julie back in the winter when my list was at 0. The Facebook Ads she ran for me had results right away! My list reached 100 in under a month, and I had discovery calls lined up right away! The copy she wrote was en pointe and spoke to my audience perfectly!

-Madelaine C.

I struggled for years trying to create my own Facebook ads and opt ins, with very little success, and lots of disappointment and hours of frustration. Julie and I started working together just a few weeks ago and the campaign she helped me with is converting in the double digits every day. Julie knows her stuff and is a dream to work with. I'm so grateful!

-Clara W.

My course will save you time and money right away

To get the training you need for a successful sales funnel, you would have to spend thousands of dollars:

  1. Complete Copywriting courses alone can cost over $400
  2. Photoshop design courses can cost from $40-$750+
  3. My one-one one coaching clients pay thousands for the kind of information I’m going to give you.
  4. And you may not need everything the big courses offer to get started.

And sure, you could probably find out how to do all of this with Google searches and YouTube videos …

But how many hours would if take you to

  • do the searches
  • weed through the results
  • and assemble the all parts you think you need to know

And If you’re missing an essential element?

You could be missing out on hundreds of prospects and thousands of dollars and wasting all of your ad money.

You Could Pay Thousands for this...

You could always hire someone to do it for you, but with these skills in high demand, it can cost from $4,000 - $25,000 to hire a professional.

On the other hand, once you have the skills you’ll learn this summer, you can offer it as a service and charge premium prices. You may have to stop answering the phone once the word gets out that you know how to do it.

Just browse the internet forums - there are people everywhere looking for help with sales funnel marketing.

My Premier Offer - This Summer Only

If you have the ability to operate your own wordpress site, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get a sales funnel designed for success.

You can get Funnel-icious instead. The course will be set at $997 once it's completed. For those who want to go through the build-out this summer? $497.

And then?

Put your funnel to work and pay yourself back completely


Duplicate your funnel for just one client, and you could pay for this class TEN times.

Here's what's included...

  1. A completely hands-on course where we’ll build sales funnels...from scratch…from blog post to opt-in to offer.
  2. Easy-to-follow videos and written instruction you can review throughout the course.
  3. A dripped course, that goes step-by-step --- in tiny small increments … so you have the time and know-how to put everything in place in real time.
  4. An active community where you can ask and find answers to questions as we go.

So …

By the end ot the summer you’ll have an offer that’s as irresistible as sea salt caramel ice-cream with dark chocolate chunks on a warm summer evening

(please substitute your favorite Italian wine, a cool dip in the pool, riding a huge wave with the wind blowing your hair making it flow wildly over your shoulders, Turkish massage and a good pasta - oops … getting distracted).

You’ll have more to show for your summer than those stretchy loop potholders you made when you were a kid.

And you’ll be able to do it again

And again

And again.

Or do the next thing to the sound of your new sales-machine dripping your ever-growing profits in the background.

Let’s do this together!

xx Julie

P.S. When you sign up you’ll get bonuses - I’ll include full access to two of my popular courses completely free of charge!

In How to Create Irresistible Freebies you’ll learn how to build enticing freebies that will draw prospects into your list. This is a great course for beginners or a refresher for the experienced content marketer. Normally priced at $79.

You’ll also get BOTH my ConvertKit and Wrangle the Mailchimp Monkey beginner courses. You’ll learn to navigate these popular email marketing services with ease and make use of their best features … critical for your funnel! A combined value of $74.

Still Deciding? Just look at what my past students say about my courses …

You are my hero. The depth of knowledge, real talk and content you provide is better than anything else out there!

I can’t believe you are only charging ~$30 for a monthly subscription to your DIY Genesis Course.
I’m half way through and just can’t believe the value I am getting. It is probably the best spent thirty dollars of my LIFE!

I so appreciate everything you do and am a customer hanging on your every word. I am eager to learn and buy more from you!

-Amanda W.

Working with Julie, I now understand online business way more than I ever did before. I’ve been able to implement strategies that really work and it has made me money.

She exceeded my expectations…great in every way. Julie really delivers.

Julie will spoil you with her attentiveness and skills. She’ll be the benchmark by which you compare everyone else to.

-Maria C.

Julie’s program has been life changing to say the least. Not only has it grown my business and skills, but the confidence and happiness I have now has carried over into my personal life. Simply put, if you need help… she’s the one with all the answers. You’ll get what you expect times 100.

-April P.


This course begins June 1st!

Like many of my current students, they KNOW that hopping on a BETA round of a new course is the best chance to get insane value for a fraction of the cost. Looking forward to spending my summer with you!

Get started now!