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The 2hr. Course Launcher Bootcamp

A two-hour workshop that will give you a strategy for pre-selling your course in the next 90 days (Facebook Ads Course INCLUDED)

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The 2hr. Course Launcher Bootcamp is...

A mastermind workshop that goes through, in detail, how to setup and launch your first online course in the next 90 days.

Here are the things I include:

  • How to pick a topic, a name, and start your outline.
  • How to customize your school, your course, and design your sales page (all in Teachable).
  • I even talk about how to write a sales page!
  • Then I dive into how to build your list if you have nothing yet.
  • We go over the timeline for list building, plus what kinds of emails you need to write to get your audience excited.
  • Then I go through the launch sequence and timeline, plus tips on how to welcome new students before the course is even completed.
  • I include strategy ideas for freebies, JV and affiliates, pricing structures, coupons, and downsells.

It's a sure-fire step by step plan for launching a BETA round of your course that I have used for my own courses and others - many of which have crossed the five-figure mark on the first go-round!

There are a ton of online course programs out there, to the tune of thousands of dollars. If you're not sure if you're ready to take the plunge with a big course program like that, this 2 hr. bootcamp will pull back the curtain on what you need to do, and in the order you need to do it!

If you already have an existing list, this bootcamp could be the ticket to your first 5-figure launch!

The course includes the following:

  • 1 two-hour video that goes through everything, in detail. Slides, examples, and live training on Teachable.
  • The PDF download version of the slides so you can print them out and follow it as your own course launch blueprint.
  • A sales page cheat sheet that will almost write your sales page for you.
  • A welcome series worksheet to help you nurture your new leads prior to your launch.
  • A welcome series swipe file that shows you the exact welcome emails I have used in the past on my list.
  • A sample timeline with exact dates for your launch strategy and emails.

BONUS: Facebook Ads for Your Business

Your Instructor

Julie Stoian
Julie Stoian

My name is Julie Stoian and I help people build profitable businesses by giving them the tech & strategy they need to stand out online. Think...


Since that title doesn’t fit on a business card, I decided to call myself a Blueprinter. That’s what I do. I give you a blueprint for your digital home.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the journey – no website all the way up to the best website on the Internet, I can help you sort through the clanging clutter of programs, plugins, trainings, and tasks that you have before you as a small business owner trying to market yourself on the Internet.

Just like a real honest to goodness blueprint.

I can help you with everything you need to make profitable business – your website, social media platforms, automation sequences, sales funnels, product launches, shopping carts, and copy.

For a full bio about my expertise and credentials, you can visit my about page.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of this course in that it's one full-length class, there are no refunds.

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